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Laphasrada \"Angel\" (Rooibos, Rose, Roselle and Hibiscus)

Tea/coffee, Beverage
Thailand, Bangkok


Ms. Laphasrada Ponata, a young Thai organic garden owner, was inspired by the rich aroma of South African origin Rooibos Tea and designed a series of herbal mix of Asia and Africa.

When blended with Rooibos, the mixed herbal tea of Rose, Roselle, and Hibiscus takes on a new dimension of taste. The addition of Rooibos brings a smooth and earthy quality to the blend, complementing the floral and tart flavors of the other herbs. The result is a well-rounded and comforting infusion with a hint of natural sweetness.

The combination of the floral, tart, and earthy notes creates a balanced and delightful taste experience that is both soothing and satisfying. We use long-cut Rooibos tea leaf that is suitable for blending with other herbal tea.

5 sachets in one box.

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