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AARABDHM Suncooked Paan Mishri Gulkand

Pickles & Preserves, Canned / Jarred, Honey & Syrup
India, Rājasthān


Our Gulkand is made from Damask pink roses that blooms twice a year. This Special variety is comes from foothills of Pushkar, Rajasthan.We use Ayurvedic method to create this magical recipe.

100% Natural: Does not contain any additives, preservatives, artificial colours, artificial flavours and thickeners. Can be eaten straight from the jar!

Exclusive ingredients: A combination of Damask roses, Rock-sugar (Misri), beetal leaves extract,Aniseed,Elaichi, Honey ; long and slow sun-cooking process and gentle caramelization results in the most unique, deep & intense taste of rose. Sun-cooked to perfection: Unlike boiling/heating, slow sun-cooking retains delicate flavour compounds present in rose petals and concentrates them slowly & gently. Sun-cooking is a near loss-less method of capturing the true essence of Damask roses.

“Our Gulkand is a royal delicacy which is also an incredible summer coolant and serves various purposes in the hot climate of the Indian subcontinent.

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